PLC Fiber Optic Splitters

Teleweaver offers PLC fiber optic splitters ( also called PLC fiber coupler ) in different types, You can customize Blockless PLC fiber optic splitter,ABS box packed PLC fiber splitter, LGX type PLC optical splitter and Rack mounted ODF type PLC fiber splitter. Meanwhile, Each PLC fiber splitter can come with different fiber connectors in input & output part, such as SC LC ST FC fiber connectors etc. If you are interested in any of these PLC fiber optic splitters, Please just Send us Inquiry for Free Sample Any time.

FBT Type Fiber Optic Splitters

Fiber optic splitter ( also called fiber optical coupler ) is a device that splits the fiber optic light into several parts by a certain ratio. A fiber optic splitter can be produced with Singlemode, Multimode 62.5, and Multimode 50 Fiber.also you can customized them with LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, and ST connectors or unconnectorized. When it comes to 1*2 FBT splitter, You can also request details for different splitting ratio, such as 50/50, 40/60, 30/70, 20/80, 10/90, 5/95, 1/99, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, 95/5, and 99/1.

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